A MATTER of PERSPECTIVE: Life, Love, Laughter & Healing

I am not indifferent to my existence, my being; I try to show up for my own life. In fact, I love life with its complexity, its rich tapestry of emotion, its physicality – all of it! The world is an unending source of wonder and it is impossible for me to be emotionally immune to what I see. Sometimes it requires a good deal of self-restraint not to suck the very marrow of life dry!

Being alive means feeling and when I feel excitement, I am moved to share what excites me. When I feel exuberant about experiencing an extraordinary place or discovering some new thing, I often grab my camera to capture such mortal moments, moments of omniscience and epiphany – when life’s truth seems to shake me awake – and give them visual expression. The resultant photos allow me to share through physical form the ephemeral mood that struck me and rendered my world with fresh perspective so curious, amazing, mysterious and grand. They represent and evoke that which inspired them: a dilapidated wagon wheel transforms into a shattered dream through silver-gelatin, a tritoma bud embodies renewal, and the path on a snowy mountain conjures to life ten frozen toes.

We can see life through many emotional lenses. When I view the world through loving eyes, I embrace it wholeheartedly. Love frees me of jealousy, possessiveness and greed, instead I feel duty-bound to share.  People, objects and places have history, texture and presence, and when seen through the eyes of love and wonderment, their outward appearance and configuration reveal their inner temperament and character. When thus observing and feeling my world, I have often sensed that the objects of my affection have expressed gratitude for my attention by rewarding me with a successful photograph.

I see; I feel; I photograph – photography is one of my responses to the world. Moreover, photography is fun! Having fun brings joy and laughter into my life, and having fun is the balance a psyche bombarded relentlessly by dismal headlines needs to stay healthy, stable and creative. I like to laugh and have been told my sense of humor is oddly unique. That is not surprising given my proclivity to laugh at my own foibles when colleagues offer serious critical opinion. The “Oops – inappropriate laughter moment” is not uncommon with me and is usually met with a blank stare of disbelief. By not taking myself too seriously, I am able to find humor in my many flaws. Goodness knows, I am far off the mark when it comes to perfection!

As an amateur, I have always practiced photography for my own pleasure. If the work pleases me, I share it; sometimes it pleases or has meaning of some kind to the viewer too, though usually not the same meaning it has for me – such is life. Over the past twenty-two years, the making and the give-and-take of sharing photos with colleagues and friends has been rich and varied. I resisted establishing a web site as a means of viewing my work as it lacks the personal interactions that often go on when original, tactile craft-work and creativity are shared. Then there are the technical issues of web publishing regarding resolution, digital interpretation of tonal nuance and luminosity. The web is void of the storytelling and audience participation involved with the personal unveiling of each piece. Something big is lost when you lack the personal presentation and response.

That said, I recognize that the web is a valid tool for sharing – with the potential for sharing beyond my living room and the reach of my day-to-day contacts. Sharing and connection, communication, be it verbal or digital, has the capacity to heal the weary soul. No wonder I succumbed to the lure of the website as a vehicle to reach out.

Photography has taken me on a journey. It has accompanied me through momentous, “ahha” moments as well as through foggy and dark passages and helped to keep me moving, to keep me looking for the grand and minute vignettes of light, and to seek the light is to advance and not diminish.  I wish to share these healing elements of photography. In addition, to impart some dynamic to the web sharing, I will be writing short essays, notes or other discourse to accompany each photo, elaborating my thoughts on the work. Many of my photos are now posted to the site (As of 1-16-14), but the writing portion is still a work in progress. I ask your indulgence as the writing proceeds and hope that you enjoy the photographs as they appear.